Pillars Children Ministry

Building one pillar at a time on a foundation of TRUTH;

Pillars Children Ministry


PILLARS CHILDREN MINISTRY is a non-political, non denominational, Christian ministry not for profit, non-governmental organization with the passion to further the interests of the children and to stand for the vulnerable children by promoting their interests. Therefore, we are committed to effectively improve their spiritual, household improved income, social, cultural, educational fields and their psycho-social status against any form of abuse and neglect.

Vision: A trustful citizen built on a foundation of truth.

Mission Statement: To return the generation misled with their abused resources to their origin.

Goal: To have blessed changed persons, fully guarded, knowledgeable, equipped and ready to possess his birth rights.


  1. Reaching out the children community with divine principles influencing moral change.
  2. Nurturing parenting ethics to parents so as to broaden our strides of operational structures.
  3. To train children workers and trainers of trainees at all levels empowering them with the true substance and tools for effective service delivery.
  4. To establish learning centres and clubs for the purpose of training our sons and daughter in the careful knowledge and understanding of the God given gift of life.
  5. To enhance child protective measures against any kind of abuse, neglect and manipulation within their communities.

Enhancing strong Christian values within families and communities.

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